Well, maybe not this long … but is a great chance for you to help out and show off your expertise at the same time!  On the other hand if you are more into polls, which electronic leash cell phone do you think is the best to pick up right now?  If advice is more your style there are always users looking for input on their new builds in the Hardware Leaderboard forum.  If you don't pick the right hardware you may end up posting in this horrifying thread, but that does not mean that you shouldn't consider well researched pre-built systems

Maybe it isn't purchasing advice you need, perhaps instead you have a system which you have been using for a while but is running into problems because you might have pushed the overclock a bit too farDo your temperatures have you hot and bothered, are you finally joining the widescreen crowd, or maybe you are doing something odd with an XBox?  Then the Graphics Forum is the place for you! 

If your PC is working fine and you would rather do things with it, you could always game with us after the PC Perspective Podcast on Wednesdays or you could always try a pick up game with the Fragging Frogs!  For more productive usage of your processor cycles we have a Folding@Home team and at least one member in any BOINC project you would care to try.  There is always the Trading Post for the disposal and acquisition of components and last but certainly not least is the invective filled Forum, The Lightning Round, for all you debaters out there.   Check them all out, we aren't just a pretty front page after all!