Power Consumption, Temperatures and Sound Levels

This is a bit surprising – we have been so used to the big power advantages Kepler has had over the AMD lineup that I was shocked to see that the GTX 660 2GB reference card used basically the same power as the Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition in our testing.  That means that with win some/lose some results from the benchmarks the Kepler architecture might finally have gone beyond its optimized perf/watt level. 

Still, this result is GOOD for NVIDIA, just not as great as we have see in the past.

Please note that the temperature reported for the GTX 660 Ti was using an MSI retail cooler, not a reference cooler as we never recieved one from NVIDIA.  The GTX 660 reference card did hit 76C which is kind of high but still well within a safe zone.

Again, because we didn't have a reference card we didn't include sound level results from the GTX 660 Ti.  The GTX 660 doesn't have a great showing here though as it is is louder and both idle and load than our reference Radeon HD 7870 and HD 7850 cards by a moderate margin. 

We should see how the retail cards stack up on the new GTX 660 before making a final judgement.

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