Retail Card Performance

I know that benchmarks of the overclocked retail cards are required, so we have some included here.  All were run at the same settings as the other benchmarks but I decided for brevity to only include the 1920×1080 results.  These seem most relevant for a GPU in this price range.

Honestly, performance gaps on our two retail cards from EVGA and MSI were pretty minimal with only a couple instances like Skyrim and Deus Ex really showing gains worth noting.  The two cards with higher base and boost clocks performed within a standard margin of error from each other – obviously there is more than is going to need to be considered to make your decision.

The retail cards use 10-15 watts more power than the reference card but nothing too dramatic.

Here is where the MSI card shines yet again – the load temperature on the GeForce GTX 660 OC Edition is only 56C!  That is 20 degrees less than the EVGA card and the reference card and really shows the value of selecting a card with a non-standard coolers. 

Not only is it the coolest, but MSI's TwinFrozr is also the quietest of our coolers tested today.

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