Two Retail Cards – EVGA GC and MSI OC

While we did receive a reference card from NVIDIA for this launch, we also got in a pair of retail cards later in the review process and we wanted to include them in our coverage for launch. 

First up is the EVGA GeForce GTX 660 SC 2GB that runs at higher than reference clock speeds while retaining the cooler configuration from the card we showed you on the previous page. 

EVGA's card runs at a base clock of 1046 MHz and a Boost clock of 1111 MHz, a good size jump over the reference speeds of 980 MHz.  Memory speeds remain the same though at 1500 MHz / 6.0 GHz. 

The connection configuration remains unchanged.

The EVGA card still requires the single 6-pin power connection and uses the smaller PCB design as well, just like our reference card and basically just like the GTX 660 Ti EVGA card we saw a few weeks ago.

Next up is the MSI GeForce GTX 660 OC 2GB card that you can quickly see is using one of the company's TwinFrozr cooler designs.

The clock speeds on MSI's card are set at 1033 MHz base and 1098 MHz Boost with the standard 6.0 GHz memory speed. 

The display configuration again includes a pair of DVI ports, an HDMI and DisplayPort.

From just a glance you can see the heat pipes used by the MSI cooler that will give it an edge over the reference and EVGA cards in terms of cooling in our testing.

Again, the GTX 660 from MSI uses a single 6-pin power connection though the PCB design is closer in design to the GTX 660 Ti card we reviewed previous than the reference spec from NVIDIA. 

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