Results: SiSoft Sandra 2012 SP5c


The very latest version of SiSoft Sandra supports AVX and FMA3/FMA4 instructions.  This gives us a relatively good idea where performance should shake out in the majority of our tests, or at least where it SHOULD shake out if these programs adequately identify all of the features present.

For some odd reason Dhrystone was always lower on the 8350 as compared to the 8150.  The i7 cleans house in synthetics, except when it came to the MMX Integer performance.  The 8350’s dual 128 bit unit can, in this instance, do more operations than the single 256 bit unit on the i7.  It is nice to see AMD getting some good performance out of their memory controllers, and Vishera improves upon Zambezi by a small amount.  These modern processors all make the X6 1100T look lethargic when it comes to memory bandwidth.

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