Results: Cinebench R10 and Cinebench R11.59


Cinebench R10

This slightly older benchmark is more float heavy and does not recognize many of the higher level instruction sets of the very latest processors.  It also shows very good scaling when using multiple cores.  Those particular tests should give us a good idea of how well HyperThreading compares to AMD’s CMT.

Here we see a nice boost in single threaded performance.  Note especially the FX-6300 result.  It is clocked at 3.5 GHz while the 8150 is 3.6 GHz.  200 points is a pretty good chunk of performance in this particular benchmark.  Note as well the 6300 outpacing the 6200 by a much larger margin in single threaded performance.  Note also how that particular advantage goes away when using all six cores.  Even though Vishera fixes a lot of issues, it seems that there are still bottlenecks in the architecture, especially when using max threads.

Cinebench R11

The much more current version of this benchmark does take better advantage of the latest instructions, but still is missing some support.

The 8350 really takes a big step forward for AMD in R11.5.  While it does not reach the performance of the 3770K, it significantly closes the gap.  The 6300 and 6200 are neck and neck, which again bodes well for Vishera as the 300 MHz difference between the two (and 35 watt TDP difference) certainly stands out.

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