Results: 7-Zip and Valve Benchmarks


7 Zip

This open source file extractor and compressor has a very handy benchmark to show the relative MIPS of differing processors and thread counts.

We again see a nice single thread performance increase with the new chips.  When we get to six threads though, the 8150, 6300, and 6200 are all around the same.  We see that bottlenecking again.  The 8350 stays ahead throughout, and in fact gets very close to the i7 3770K at 8 threads.  Not a terrible showing for AMD in this instance.

Valve Particle Simulation

Valve created a couple of benchmarks which can leverage CPUs with multiple cores.  The first of which is a particle simulation run within the Source engine.

Well, the 8350 finally matches up in performance to the 1100T.  This particular benchmark has never been friendly to Bulldozer, and Piledriver looks no different.  Intel just smokes on this one.

Valve Map Compilation

The second test compiles a map using multiple cores.  This applies static lighting and other features throughout the map so it looks pretty once on the screen.

We again see improvements from Zambezi to Vishera, but the old 1100T still acquits itself well here.  We see again that Intel has a significant lead in this particular benchmark.

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