Update: Game Tests – Skyrim and Borderlands 2


Game Tests

For the second series of tests I focus on integrated graphics performance.  This means those other CPUs without an integrated graphics unit need not apply.  The latest Catalyst 12.8 drivers were used for the AMD parts while the Intel units used the May 2012 software provided by Intel.



This title is both CPU and GPU intensive for these integrated parts.  It does look quite nice though.  A manual runthrough was captured with FRAPS.  This is a DX9 title, so all CPUs are able to render it.  Settings were put to 1280×960 with Ultra level graphics, 4X AA, and 16X AF.

The 5800K takes a pretty commanding lead over the last generation 3870K.  It beats out the i7 3770 by a significant amount as well.  The poor i3 is simply not playable.


Borderlands 2

This brand new title takes cell shading to the next level.  It is a DX11 title, and the i3 is unable to run it without crashing, no matter what settings were used.  A manual runthrough of the very first part after Claptrap’s cave was captured with FRAPS.  Settings were pushed to medium with 1280×960 resolution.

This title runs surprisingly well on all three AMD parts.  The 5800K is again the fastest and smoothest experience.  The 5600K is close behind and slightly faster than the 3870K.

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