Update: Game Tests – Battlefield 3 and DiRT 3


Battlefield 3

This is another very popular title that is coded for DX11.  It does have a DX10 fallback, so theoretically it should run on the i3 2105.  Settings were put the Medium preset with 1280×960 resolution.  A manual runthrough of Operation Swordbreaker was captured with FRAPS.

The i3 just didn’t make it through.  We see much the same performance here as we have in the past.  The 5800K is the fastest, and felt the smoothest.  The 5600K and 3870K are neck and neck here.  The i7 is lagging behind by a decent amount.


DiRT 3

The last of our tests today is the DX11 based racer from Codemasters.  It does not have the heavy lighting routines of DiRT: Showdown, but it still looks very nice.  The High preset was used with a 1280×960 resolution.  This also has a DX10 fallback, so it should run on the i3 processor.  The built-in benchmark is used for this test.

I was honestly surprised by how smooth all three of the AMD processors were in this test.  The 5800K does take a pretty commanding lead and keeps the framerates nice and smooth.  Codemasters did a great job with this engine, as it still looks great even when not using the Ultra settings.

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