Results: SiSoft Sandra 2012 SP5c


The very latest version of SiSoft Sandra supports AVX and FMA3/FMA4 instructions.  This gives us a relatively good idea where performance should shake out in the majority of our tests, or at least where it SHOULD shake out if these programs adequately identify all of the features present.

Arithmetic shakes out about where we expected things.  The Trinity based processors are faster than the old 3870K, but trail the i3.  They also trail the Phenom II X4 in floating point power.  Note how close the A10 5800K is to the FX-4170.

When we get to the multimedia tests, we see the impact of the new instructions on performance.  AVX is being used for the single precision int test, and it certainly shows against the older 3870K and Phenom II parts.  Again we see the A10 5800K stay very close to the much faster clocked FX-4170.

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