Results: Cinebench R10 and Cinebench R11.59


Cinebench R10

This slightly older benchmark is more float heavy and does not recognize many of the higher level instruction sets of the very latest processors.  It also shows very good scaling when using multiple cores.  Those particular tests should give us a good idea of how well HyperThreading compares to AMD’s CMT.

The single threaded results are all pretty close together with the older Phenom II X4 980 (3.7 GHz) taking the lead.  Once max threads were enabled we see things switch up some.  The 980 is easily overshadowed by the 1090T (not surprisingly), but we also see lower scaling with the Trinity and Bulldozer parts.  The poor i3 2105 gets pretty beat up with max threads (in this case it is a dual core part with HyperThreading- so 4 threads total).


Cinebench R11.59

The much more current version of this benchmark does take better advantage of the latest instructions, but still is missing some support.

In something of a shock, the 3870K is faster than the 5800K.  The 5800K matches well with the FX-4170, but we still see the X4 980 holding a solid second place after the X6 1090T.

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