Results: 7-Zip and Valve Benchmarks



This open source file extractor and compressor has a very handy benchmark to show the relative MIPS of differing processors and thread counts.  This program is updated quite often to address changes in processor architectures.

All of the AMD parts are very, very close together throughout testing.  Only when we get to four threads do we see any separation.  The four “real” cores of the 3870K compare very well to the 2 module design of Trinity.  We also see very similar performance between the 5800K and the 4170.


Valve Source Particle Simulation

Valve created a couple of benchmarks which can leverage CPUs with multiple cores.  The first of which is a particle simulation run within the Source engine.

The more cores the merrier.  The i3 2105 also has a very strong showing as compared to the AMD parts, except for the six core 1090T.  Note again the lack of separation with the FX-4170 and 5800K.


Valve Source Map Compilation

The second test compiles a map using multiple cores.  This applies static lighting and other features throughout the map so it looks pretty once on the screen.

The X4 980 is significantly faster than the rest of the field with the 1090T coming up right behind, and perhaps most surprising the 3870K.  The 5800K is slightly faster than the 4170, but both are much slower than the i3 2105.

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