Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Good performance
  • (Potentially) very low cost/GB


  • 9.5mm housing may limit installation options
  • 3-year warranty (vs. 5)

Pricing and Availability (MSRP):

Intel SSD 335:

  • 240G @ $184 ($0.76 / GB)

These are intro MSRP numbers, not street prices. So long as the market can hold to the MSRP, we are likely to see an MLC SSD launching at sub-TLC pricing. Fingers crossed here!


The 335 Series will ship with a 3-Year warranty.

Final Thoughts:

Intel has flexed their flash fabrication muscle yet again with the launch of their SSD 335 Series. We have a consumer oriented drive yielding good performance at an excellent price point, which is sure to put Solid State into the hands of even more users. Our only reservation was Intel's choice to stick with the 9.5mm housing. With Ultrabooks and other razor thin mobile platforms requiring the 7mm form factor, this might limit some of the applications of this new series. That said, for budged conscious desktop users, the SSD 335 Series is the way to go.

Awarding Gold for the incredibly low cost/GB (provided it stays that way)

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