As seen originally on MSI’s Z68 motherboards, ClickBIOS II is back and in full force on the Z77A-GD80. ClickBIOS II is MSI’s UEFI implementation, and replaces the standard BIOS with a fully graphical interface, including mouse support.

Launching ClickBIOS II from either the bootup sequence, or within Windows, brings you to a nicely designed interface where you can access all of the things you are used to. Boot order is organized along the top section of the screen, as well as simple information about your processor and RAM. Personally, I find quick access to this information helpful when doing things like overclocking, and easy access to the boot order is immensely valuable for booting to USB drives or from disc.

Digging deeper into the settings for the motherboard, the same information you have come to expect in a BIOS is still available to be tweaked.

Here we see the settings for Lucid’s Virtu MVP technology, which we discussed earlier. Setting the Virtu Technology setting to i-Mode or d-Mode allows you to use Virtu in different configurations.

In this menu, we see something which most haven’t seen before, settings for the onboard Thunderbolt controller.

Overclocking settings can also of course be found in ClickBIOS II. MSI allows for a great amount of control over your overclock, and we will be touching on these settings later in the overclocking portion of the review.

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