A Detailed Look

The Seasonic X-1250 power supply features a black matte finish and measures 190mm (6.3”) deep. It uses a single 120mm fan on the bottom for cooling.

The backside panel features an open grill and includes a power receptacle and heavy duty master On-Off switch.  The honey comb grill allows air to exhaust out of the power supply for cooling the internal components with minimal turbulence and noise.

The X-1250 uses a high quality 120mm, Sanyo Denki San Ace fan (9S1212H403) that incorporates dual ball bearings for enhanced reliability and long life. The 7 sculptured blades are designed to optimize airflow and reduce noise.  The fan features Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to integrate with the variable speed Seasonic Hybrid Silent Fan Control circuit.

One of the unique features of the X-1250 PSU is the ability to operate in either S3FC fanless-silent-cooling mode or S2FC silent-cooling mode.  A small two-position selector switch on the front panel allows selecting Hybrid (S3FC fanless-silent-cooling mode) or Normal (S2FC silent-cooling mode). The Hybrid S3FC mode is designed to turn off the fan at lower power levels and the Normal S2FC mode keeps the fan running all the time.  The new high efficiency design of the Platinum Series also helps by generating less waste heat. And if you aren't abscessed with running fanless and prefer a little air movement with a virtually silent fan, then the Normal S2FC silent-cooling mode is for you!

(Courtesy of Seasonic)

The Seasonic X-1250 power supply is fully modular and has an excellent assortment of cables/connectors.  All of the cables are covered with a black, braided plastic mesh sleeving and measure approximately 24"~26” long (to the first connector).

• (1) Main power connector (24-pin/20-pin)
• (1) ATX12V/EPS12V (4-pin + 4-pin)
• (1) EPS12V (8-pin)
• (8) PCI Express (6+2-pin)
• (8) Peripheral Optical/HDD (4-pin)
• (11) Peripheral Serial ATA (15-pin)
• (2) Peripheral FDD (4-pin) Y-adapter

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