Indie developers like their pork chops.

The sequel to the acclaimed Amnesia: The Dark Descent has been in development by The Chinese Room in lieu of the original developers, Frictional Games. The Chinese Room is an independent game studio with close ties to the University of Portsmouth. Their first project, Dear Esther, was more of an interactive art venture than a game per se — but exploring dim corners of an art medium is obviously something to admire.

While the original developers are still shrouding their new project, A Machine For Pigs has just received a trailer in time for Halloween.

The developers make their intentions known: they want to make you scream. They are requesting for users to send in WAVs, OGGs, or MP3s of their freaking out to presumably as audio samples for the game itself.

Given that the setting is centered on late-Victorian era slaughterhouses I can let my mind wander about where the voices will be used specifically — but I would rather not.

The game was originally set to be already released just this past October but the release date was bumped up into early 2013 for last-minute polishing. It is done when it is done, right?