Wireless Performance – Lab Test – ASUS USB-N66 (High Power)

My current favorite Wi-Fi adapter is the ASUS USB-N66 that shined in our testing of it in a previous review.  A unique looking 3×3:3 Wireless-N adapter; the USB-N66 has put up the fastest wireless speeds we’ve seen to date with just a bit over 230 Mbps in some tests.  We will only be using the ‘High Power’ setting on the USB-N66 as that setting showed a marked improvement over the “Standard Power” settings in most tests.  Let’s check out how the USB-N66 performed on all the routers at 5 GHz first.

Where the ASUS RT-N56U dominated the other routers in the ping tests with the Intel Centrino N, some of our ping tests here at 5 GHz we see the opposite.  The RT-N56U comes in or ties for last place in most tests.  The one bright spot is that the maximum ping time much lower on the RT-N56U compared to the others, by almost three times in some cases.

Download tests with the ASUS USB-N66 at 5 GHz are a lot closer race with all the routers running neck and neck in most categories.  Only Minimum download speeds showed any real differences, and even then, we’re only looking at a difference of 31.1 Mbps between the fastest and slowest test results.

Upload speeds are an even tighter race with none of the results showing more than a 5 to 10 Mbps difference between the fastest and slowest.  So, now let’s check out how things fare at 2.4 GHz.

The ASUS RT-N56U once again does great in almost every ping test, only giving up ground with Minimum ping times.  Maximum ping times show a huge differential between the three routers with only 24 ms on the RT-N56U, 209 ms on the Apple Airport, and a whopping 367 ms on the RT-N66U.

At 2.4 GHz we see the RT-N56U taking it to the competition and leading in both average and minimum download speeds.  The only test it fell by the wayside was Maximum Downloads with a speed of 86.4 Mbps versus the RT-N66U’s 107.8 Mbps and the Apple’s 112.7 Mbps.

Again, but this time in 2.4 GHz upload speeds, the ASUS RT-N56U does great, beating the Apple Airport and ASUS RT-N66U in both Average and Minimum Speeds.  The RT-N66U Maximum upload speed of 78.8 Mbps is the only test that tops the RT-N56U’s speed of 61.7 Mbps while the Apple Airport trails behind with 56.4 Mbps.

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