Wireless Performance – Torture Test

The “Torture Test” truly put routers and adapters to the test as the signal has to power its way a long distance through walls and floors into the distant Laundry Room of Wi-Fi Doom.  As expected we ran into problems immediately and in some cases could not even get a wireless connection to work.  First, let’s see how the ASUS RT-N56U coped with the Torture Test with our laptop bound Intel Centrino adapter.

No, you aren’t seeing a glitch with our charts above; they really are all zeros.  Every test failed because none of the routers could get a signal to our Intel Centrino at 5 GHz.

At 2.4 GHz we are at least able to get a connection to each router and managed to pull off some ping tests.  The ASUS RT-N56U finds itself in the middle of the pack in Average, Minimum and Maximum ping times and tied for second/last with the Airport Extreme with a packet loss percentage of 1%.  Unfortunately, even though we were able to connect and run the ping tests the Torture Test killed any hope of getting some speed readings and all the LAN Speed Tests failed.  Let’s see if the ASUS USB-N66 on High Power has better luck.

The ASUS RT-N66U once again fails to muster enough signal strength for the USB-N66 adapter to get a connection at 5 GHz.  The RT-N56U and Apple Airport on the other hand are able not only connect, but successfully run all our tests.  The Apple Airport performs better than the RT-N56U in almost every test, and while it’s great to see the RT-N56U Uploading and Downloading, the speeds are pretty slow, especially when you look at how well the Airport was able to perform.

Finally!  At 2.4 GHz, with our ASUS USB-N66 set to ‘High Power’ we’re able to get connections and run tests on all three routers.  The ASUS RT-N56U does great in the ping tests, coming out on top in all of them.  In download and upload speeds we see a bit more variance.  The RT-N56U falls smack in the middle in all tests for download speeds with a respectable 29.2 Mbps average and 44.9 Mbps maximum download speeds.  As for Upload speeds, we see results all over the board with the RT-N66U looking the best overall, but the RT-N56U and Apple Airport trading swapping back and forth for second place.

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