Overclocking Results
ECS eOC Overclocking

ECS included their eOC Windows-based utility for both device temperature monitoring and overclocking purposes. The Monitor tab displays the CPU temperature and the system temperature. The CPU temperature displayed is shown in terms of degrees Celsius from the CPU’s rated maximum temperature instead of the actual temperature of the processor.

The Easy Tuning and Advance Tuning tabs house the configurable frequency and voltage settings. In the Easy Tuning tab, only the CPU Frequency value can be user configured. Some very noticeable short comings with this applet are the lack of either CPU ratio or memory speed configuration settings. Using the applet, I was unable to successfully overclock the system at all. Even was I able to bump up the CPU Frequency for the Core i5 3570K CPU, the lack of configurable CPU ratio settings really hampers any advanced overclocking potential of this application. Manual Overclocking

Unfortunately, this board just didn’t want to play nice with my Core i5 3570K CPU. No matter how much voltage I put through it or how little I tweaked the settings, I could not get the board to boot at better than stock CPU settings. Memory overclocking fared a little better, with the memory stabilizing at 1866MHz. Keep in mind that the same memory had no problem hitting almost 2200MHz in other review boards.
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