Overclocking and Power Consumption

Because the CPU isn't an unlocked part, we were limited in our multiplier overclocking (maximum of 37 based on what we saw) and had to mix in a bit of bus clock increases as well. 

That multiplier allowed me to hit 3.7 GHz with all cores powered up pretty easily.

I was able to hit a clock speed of 3.88 GHz with all four cores (an 780 MHz increase over the base clock), completely stable, with a 37x multiplier and a 105 MHz base clock.

A quick run on CineBench 11 shows a score of 5.90, an increase of 15% over the stock result on the Core i5-3350P pulling it just ahead of the FX-8150 as well. 

Power Consumption

All signs point to the new Ivy Bridge architecture as being impressively efficient on the new 22nm process technology. 

* Core i5-2500 scores are simulated, so no power measurements were taken

Idle power consumption with the Core i5-3350P is about on par with the rest of the Ivy Bridge line and is 12 watts lower than the FX-8150.

* Core i5-2500 scores are simulated, so no power measurements were taken

Here is where the i5-3350P really impresses; with a load power consumption of 88 watts compared to 117 watts on the 3770K and 197 watts (!!) on the AMD FX-8150 the Core i5-3350P makes a fantastic low power consuming CPU.  To reiterate – the Core i5-3350P uses 110 watts LESS POWER than the FX-8150 while outperforming it in many cases.  Crap.

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