This may be the most amicable of the recent departures, Intel's leader for the past eight years will be stepping down in Spring.  The last eight years have seen a lot of successes at Intel as well as a few projects which did not pan out as hoped.  He is the man who oversaw Intel's chip design change from an inefficient architecture which lagged behind AMD's to their current undisputed role in the market today.  When he first started at Intel 40 years ago, the company had only been in existence for 5 years, so he has had a large influence on Intel's growth and it will be interesting to see the changes that will occur at Intel under a new leader.  Check out who The Tech Report thinks might be the next Intel CEO here.

"Wow, what is it with high-profile tech executives leaving lately? On the heels of Scott Forstall's departure from Apple and Steven Sinofsky stepping down at Microsoft, Intel CEO Paul Otellini has announced that he, too, is going to be leaving his post."

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