Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Excellent sequential performance
  • Outstanding IOPS performance
  • Low cost/GB, especially for 25nm flash
  • 7mm housing enables use in slim notebooks / ultrabooks
  • 5-year warranty (bravo)


  • This is rare for me, but I've got nothin. Seriously. Ok, so it doesn't wash my dishes.

Pricing and Availability (MSRP):

OCZ Vector:

  • 128G @ $150 ($1.17 / GB)
  • 256G @ $270 ($1.05 / GB)
  • 512B @ $560 ($1.09 / GB)

These are intro MSRP numbers, so allow some possible slack in either direction after launch, depending on demand and OEM discretion. It's not as low as TLC or 20nm pricing, but realize this is tried and true 25nm IMFT SYNC flash. It's been around for a long time, and its longevity is well proven and remains superior to the newer stuff.


The Vector will ship with a 5-Year warranty, making it one of the few 'budget' consumer drives with such a long warranty period.

Final Thoughts:

The OCZ Vector astonished me with its throughput, sheer IOPS performance, and low latency. Tackling the challenges of in-house production has definitely paid off for them. Provided the price remains as low as OCZ promises, I will be recommending the Vector to many a PC builder. OCZ products are not just for the early adopters and power users any more – the Vector appears to be a clear choice for the masses to enjoy.

Awarding my Editor's Choice for amazing performance at an excellent price point.

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