Performance and Conclusions

Testing the ORIGIN Genesis as we had it configured for us was truly a breathtaking experience with the combination of a 4.9 GHz Sandy Bridge-E 6-core processor and dual GeForce GTX 690s presenting a computing and gaming experience that is unmatched. 

For a quick look at performance we selected CineBench 11.5 and x264 CPU benchmarks as well as the 3DMark11 Physics sub-test.  For gaming we will see Battlefield 3 and Metro 2033 at 2560×1600.

The performance of the hexa-core processor running at 4.9 GHz is just damn impressive, with a CB11 score that is 78% faster than the Core i7-3770K at default and 49% faster than the overclocked IVB part in our recent AVADirect system.  And while we see a higher score in the x264 first pass, the 2nd pass is 77% faster than the stock Core i7-3770k.

Obviously if you are looking for a high performing processor platform then this Genesis has you covered.

Gaming performance is also impressive with a Battlefield 3 average frame rate that is 86% faster than a single GTX 690, our previous best score.  Metro 2033 saw a 45% increase.  Keep in mind these are the highest single screen resolution settings as well – 2560×1600.  I did play around with the ORIGIN Genesis at 5760×1080 (triple panel Surround) and we were obviously impressed, running BF3 at Ultra settings over 60 FPS. 

I think it goes without saying but any system with a pair of GTX 690s is going to perform beyond your expectations for PC gaming. 

Closing Thoughts

In other system reviews, we have built a similarly speced out rig on Newegg or a site like PC Part Picker to see how system builder pricing compares.  We did do that in this case, but I have to say there are many more caveats this time around than usual.  The build I made in PC Part Picker shows a price of $4350.

That does NOT include any of the water cooling components though as they aren't found in the PC Part Picker database today.  Even if you add a solid $400 for liquid cooling components and the LED light, that brings our component cost to about $4750, about a $1000 less than the ORIGIN pricing.  For that difference you get setup and configuration, an overclock to 4.9 GHz on your processor as well lifetime support from the ORIGIN team.  That is a hefty price hike to be sure but for many gamers looking to spend $5000+ for a machine I think the ability to trust your support and warranty to a third party is likely a key deciding point.

Pricing aside, the ORIGIN Genesis is the fastest and most impressive PC we have tested at PC Perspective and we have seen our fair share of systems in our labs.  If you want the ULTIMATE gaming experience then this machine will power it though I recommend (almost require) you invest in three monitors for a Surround experience if you are already shelling out $5000+ for a computer.  If I had to nitpick I would say the cables could be slightly cleaner and a solution to keep the noise levels down while running at idle would put this configuration at the Editor's Choice level but I am comfortable giving it a Gold award for gamers that want NO compromise.

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