The Register would like you to think back upon some examples of the great failures of the tech industry many of which you can currently buy the more successful descendants.  For instance while the Personal Data Assistant went the way of the Pony Express, trying to claim that the cell phone or phablet in your pocket doesn't bear the genes of a Palm Pilot is a bit silly.  How about PointCast, which would push information such as stock market data to your machine without you needing to run your web browser in the background, while Yahoo and other portals spelled the end of what were called Push Services, it does live on in Blackberrys.  What about webtops and the idea that desktop operating systems would be replaced by an always on networked which provides web-based services, apps and file-stores; seen anything like that floating around?

If this doesn't make you cringe then get off my lawn you kid!

"Nokia's N-Gage, Palm's Foleo, Motorola's Atrix, Apple's Newton MessagePad, HD DVD, Sony's Rolly, Sony's Mylo, Philips' CD-i, Commodore's CD-TV, IBM's PCJr, the Camputer's Lynx, Gizmondo, the Phantom, Atari's Jaguar, MySpace, Beenz – behind every iPad there are dozens and dozens of technology products that aspired to greatness but were successful only in their distinct lack of commercial success."

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