Installing OS X

Now that UEFI is prepped and ready we can actually begin the OS X install.

The first step of this is to insert our USB drive and boot from it. On Gigabyte boards, selecting a boot device can be accomplished by hitting F12 at startup and selecting the drive.

Once we boot to the USB drive, we see the custom bootloader which Unibeast installed to the drive. At this screen, make sure the “USB” drive is selected and hit Enter.

Once the OS X Installer has started, the first step is to format our boot drive in the same format that we prepared the USB drive with. To begin the process, choose your language in the installer, and then go to Utilities and open the Disk Utility application.

Next, in Disk Utility, select the drive you want to install to (like before, just the main hard drive this time around), go to the partitions tab, choose “1 Partition”, change the type to “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” , name the partition “Mountain Lion” and hit Apply to create the partition. However at this time, DO NOT change the partition table type from GUID.

After this is done, exit out of Disk Utility, and follow the instructions in the OS X Installer to install the operating system to your newly created “Mountain Lion” drive.

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