Before writing up this guide, I was still sour from my last attempt at building a Hackintosh.  While it was only a few years ago that I tried with a P55 based motherboard, the process was much more difficult and I never really quite got things working quite right despite all of the hardware we have at the office that I had at my disposal.

This time the experience was actually quite pleasant, and I got a well working configuration on my first install attempt.  Using new software from sites such as tonymacx86, a large selection of fully supported hardware from vendors like Gigabyte (who seem to have the most boards with full Hackintosh support from what I can tell) and Apple’s adoption of modern parts, such as Kepler GPUs, and Ivy Bridge CPUs, building and using a Hackintosh nowadays is relatively easy.

While I have not had this Hackintosh running long enough to see a new revision of OS X, all of the information I can find makes me believe it will be a painless Software Update experience when that day comes.  Since all of the hardware we chose is supported natively by OS X, I don't forsee this changing either.

While this certainly isn’t a budget minded PC build compared to what you can build with Windows, by pairing this with a high resolution 27” display (such as the Korean monitors have reviewed in the past) you can build yourself a system that outperforms even the new 27” iMacs for about $600 less (not including the SSD) due to their use of laptop spec parts in the official machine.

If you don't believe us, simply compare our build here on PCPartPicker to the 27” iMac configurator on the Apple website.

Overall I am extremely impressed with the current state of the Hackintosh experience, in particular the great community over at the tonymacx86 forums, who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about a wide array of components. This guide is meant as an introduction to the hackintosh experience, and your results may vary.  If you do happen to have a problem, simply swing by the tonymacx86 forums  and it's likely someone on the fourms will have already experienced the same thing and already has a solution.

I hope this has been an educational guide for you and didn’t scare anyone off from diving into the whole Hackintosh scene.  I certainly had a blast, and I'm sure you will too!

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