So now that we have all made it through the end of the Mayan calendar distinctly not dead, Corsair would like to celebrate by giving away free stuff. Naturally only now that they realize that their possessions still hold value is when they will part with them.


All joking aside, Corsair is giving away a really epic custom-built PC. As much as we make fun of obscene wattage power supplies, the Corsair 300R case is backed by a 1200W USB-monitored power supply. While you might not be arc-welding the parts together, with two Asus GeForce GTX 680s and an Intel 3770K CPU it makes good sense to have a whole lot of amperage at your disposal.

In order to join the contest you will need to like the page on Facebook. You will have until the 11th of January at 11:59 PM Pacific time to enter. While we are reporting on the contest, it is in no way affiliated with PC Perspective.