Allyn Malventano’s Picks


There's a reason several of my peers chose a Solid State Drive. It's pretty much the best, universally acceptable upgrade to any system, be it a desktop or laptop. The 2.5" form factor can fit just about anywhere, especially if it is 7mm thick, such as my current favorite choices in this area:

These give good bang for your buck and should provide years of performance boostiness to anyone you gift one to. All of the above models come with upgrade kits, including necessary hardware and cloning software as to guarantee a smooth and painless migration to a speedy computing experience.

Shure SE115m+ Earbuds

I'm a bit of a picky audio listener, and I've always loved Shure earbuds. They currenly offer a very cost effective setup that comes complete with a cable designed for smartphone use, complete with integrated mic and playback controls. These sound great for the ~$100 street price, and make a great gift. I've already gifted a set to someone, and I personally own a pair of their higher end SE315-CL, which can be paired with the optional CBL-M+-K, a $50 addition to any of their current line.
Samsung Smart TV
If you're feeling spendy, I'd recomment a Samsung Smart TV. Their 2012 series offers among the best picture and features of all current offerings, and there have been some very good sales lately. Samsung also makes an interesting wall mount kit that lets you essentially hang the set like a picture, less than 1/2" from the wall. Just be sure to research the set you've purchased, as there are three variants of that wall mount kit, each specific to the VESA mount width.
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