A Detailed Look

The Seasonic G Series 360W power supply features a black matte finish with blue and white lettering and measures 140mm (5.5”) deep. It uses a single 120mm fan on the bottom for cooling.

The backside panel features an open grill and includes a power receptacle and master On-Off switch.  The honey comb grill allows air to exhaust out of the power supply for cooling the internal components with minimal turbulence and noise.

The Seasonic G Series 360W uses a 120mm, Adda fan (AD1212MB-A70GL) that incorporates dual ball bearings for enhanced reliability and long life and is rated for 0.33A at 12 VDC.

The G-360 features all Japanese made capacitors and a mix of traditional electrolytic and the solid polymer aluminum capacitors. The single primary cap is made by Hitachi and rated for 270 uF, 420 V, and 105°C.


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