Corsair Link Application

Included with the H100i and H80i coolers is the Corsair Link™ software, used for cooler configuration and monitoring. The application is split into several tabs – System, Groups, Graph, Options. The system tab should a stylized picture of a case with graphical representations of the monitored devices along the left side of the tab. In addition to fan speed, device temperature, and pump speed, the Corsair Link™ software is capable of monitoring are system devices as shown.

The Groups tab displays application monitored devices in logical groupings, such as hard drives, graphics, CPU, and cooler-related items. The information shown in this tab should mimic that displayed in the System tab.

The Graph tab gives the user the option to track historical data on selected monitored devices. All devices shown in the System and Groups tab are available for historical data tracking purposes.

Options tab, General page

Options tab, Devices page

Options tab, Logging page

The Options tab contains a series of pages for configuring application and device operation. The General page contains application specific settings including the ability to create custom profiles and email alerts. The Devices page display a graphical system layout with the ability to double click any of the major sections for detailed configuration settings. Additionally, the user can flash update the internal BIOS for the cooling unit.  Be very careful if you choose to update the BIOS on these units though. The Logging page offers the ability to log historical data on any monitored device to a comma delimited text file.

Groups tab, LED Config Panel

Groups tab, Fan Config Panel

Groups tab, Pump Config Panel

Although the Config Panel access is shown from the Groups tab, you can access these same configuration panels from the System, Groups, or Options tabs (specifically, the Devices page within the Options tab). The Config Panel gives the user the option to configure specific device operation for the cooler LED, attached fans, or pump. The LED panel gives the ability to change operational mode of the embedded LED as well as the color with full 65k color support (by default, the LED is set to white). The fan and pump configuration panels allow for setting of speed and system event handling in case of a detected anomaly such as fan or pump failure.

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