Specifications and Packaging

The SilverStone Zeus ZM1350 power supply is rated for a combined, continuous output power of up to 1350 watts at 50°C operating temperature (1500W peak) or 1080W at 60°C.  The PSU includes universal AC line input (automatically adjusts to the AC line voltage) and active PFC, which makes the unit more environmentally friendly to the local power grid.  The Zeus ZM1350 features either single or multi  +12V rails (switch selectable) that can deliver up to 105A (1260W) of power. 

Specifications from the SilverStone web site:

Dimensions: 230 x 150 x 86mm (D x W x H)

(Courtesy of SilverStone)

The Zeus 1350W power supply comes with all-modular cables and the front panel has 13 color coded modular cable sockets. The six blue sockets are for PCI-E cables.

Note: SilverStone also offers a full line of extra modular cables that can be purchased separately (there are eight different cables available in the PP06 line) if you should find you need more cables, or a different configuration, or just want to dress up the look of your system build with individually sleeved wires.

Packaging and Parts

The Zeus ZM1350 power supply arrived securely packed inside a standard retail box that highlights the unit's main features and specifications.  In addition to the power supply the package includes a heavy duty (14 AWG) power cord, mounting screws, a detailed User's Manual, Velcro cable ties, wire ties, and four packs of modular cables (15 cables in all).

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