A Detailed Look

The Zeus ZM1350 power supply enclosure features a black matte hamertone finish with white lettering/labels and measures a full 230mm (9.0”) deep. It uses a single 80mm fan on the back side for cooling.

The back panel features a heavy duty power receptacle and master On-Off switch along with an operating status LED and fan speed override switch.  The status LED turns orange in standby mode, green during normal operation and red if there is a fault. Engaging the fan speed control switch forces the fan to run at full speed all the time.  Disengaging the switch allows the fan speed to be controlled by the load.

The Zeus ZM1350 uses a single 80mm Sunon fan (PF80251B3-0000-A99) that incorporates dual ball bearings for enhanced reliability and long life and is rated for 2.7W at 12 VDC. We don't see this fan configuration much any more but it is a proven design capable of excellent cooling but usually at the expense of noise. It will be interesting to see how this works out during testing.

Air is drawn into the power supply through vent openings on the top and side panels and pushed out the back by the fan.

Moving around to the front side of the power supply, in addition to the modular cable sockets, you can see the two position switch used to select between single or multi +12V rail operation and the three small holes that give access to the potentiometers inside that can be used to adjust the +3.3V, +5V and +12V outputs. 

During testing we adjusted the pots to see what kind of range was being provided.  The table above shows the results, which proved to offer good adjustment without producing dangerously high or low values.

The Zeus 1350W PSU features all Japanese made capacitors and a mix of traditional electrolytic and solid polymer capacitors. The dual primary capacitors are made by Hitachi and rated for 560 uF, 400 V, and 105°C. Dual DC-to-DC converters are used to produce the +3.3V and +5V outputs from +12V. The OEM for the new Zeus ZM1350 is Seventeam and the overall build quality and soldering appears good.

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