We know that Paul Otellini will be leaving his position as CEO of Intel this year and The Inquirer just heard about what is happening to senior management because of his departure.  There are eight newly promoted senior executives at Intel and it is likely that one of them may be in line for the chair as Intel is most likely to look internally for their next leader.  On the other hand, it seems that investors are questioning some of Intel's past decisions, particularly in Fab development, which might bring pressure to bear for an new, external hire to become the next leader.  Keep an eye out as Intel's inside might be headed for drastic changes.

"Last year Intel announced that Otellini will be leaving the company in May, concluding what is generally regarded as a successful tenure leading the chipmaker. Now the firm's top brass have been jockeying for position, with eight senior executives being promoted closer to the CEO's chair."

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