H80i Controller Board

The H80i's main controller board sits on top of the pump in an upper chamber covered by a plastic top cap. Power is provided to the controller board and pump through a SATA power cable that is soldered to the controller PCB in the upper left corner of the board. The controller board and pump are held in place by four steel screws at each corner of the PCB.

In addition to the SATA power cable and pump speed monitoring cable, a thermistor for monitoring CPU cold plate temperature is soldered to the PCB to the right of the Corsair Link™ ports. In between the power and thermistor attachment points is the on-board color LED panel (large white, rectangular panel).

The controller's LED panel can display up to 65k colors, controlled through the Corsair Link™ software. The LED panel is fed by three individual LEDs – one by the SATA power connection, and two by the Corsair Link™ ports. The three LEDs are each assigned to illuminate a specific primary color (red, green, blue) with the combination of those colors forming the desired LED color through the integrated panel.

The pump is power directly through two thin copper wires soldered to the PCB's surface underneath the LED assembly. The PCB rests on plastic standoffs built into the top of the pump with an integrated channel guide to orient the PCB. Unfortunately, the PCB and pump are not meant to be separated as you can tell from the dangling copper leads on the back of the PCB in the picture. The leads attach to the pump through the small holes marked L1 and L2. If you decide to ever take apart one of these units, DO NOT attempt to separate the PCB from the pump or you will end up as we did in the pictures.

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