As Ryan and the CES contingent recover from Las Vegas, along with the other tech sites, the news continues to flow with those items from CES that there just wasn't enough time to cover.  The Tech Report has quite a few new posts this morning, such as Western Digital's reinvention of the HDD with SSD cache called SSHD which uses software tools in addition to the firmware caching that the first generation of cached drives had.  They talked with someone in the know who confirmed that Broadwell will indeed be soldered onto boards and that Haswell can compete with NVIDIA's mobile GPUs.  From AMD they had a peek at the 15W Kabini APU as well as Richland,  while Micron, Crucial and OCZ all showed off new flash based storage devices.

"Another day, another fresh batch of CES coverage. Today's stories include the scoop on Crucial's next-generation M500 SSD, new details about AMD's Kabini APU, and a look at Intel's Haswell graphics demo. We also have some inside information on Intel's plans for soldered-on Broadwell CPUs, plus more from AMD, Nvidia, Western Digital, OCZ, and Cooler Master."

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