Interior Case Overview

After removing the left case panel, the innards of the case are fully exposed. All metal surfaces are covered in the same flat black powder coating as the case exterior. Most cable pass-through ports are covered with rubber grommets for looks. The flat color styling gives the case a very professional and sleek look.

The motherboard tray contains a large cutout at the upper left for easy access to the CPU cooler backplate under the motherboard without having to physically remove the board from the case. The tray features integrated motherboard mounts, replacing the normal removable motherboard mounts that most cases use. To the right of the tray are three cable pass-through holes with built-in rubber grommets for the motherboard and 5.25" drive cables. The power supply unit has its own cable pass-through hole with rubber grommet in the lower right of the tray. There is an additional pass-through hole without grommet just above the power supply mounting region. This pass-through hole has an upper ledge that separates the plane of the motherboard from the power supply.

The motherboard tray features in-built motherboard mounts with all mounts marked with what type of board the holes match up with – A is for ATX motherboards and M for micro ATX boards.

The inside of the case's back panel houses an included 140mm fan and shows the expansion card ports. Notice that the port screws are on the outside of the case rather than the inside.

The inside top of the case houses the included 200mm fan. There is also an integrated fine mesh cover over the fan holes for simple fan debris filtering. While the upper panel does support 2 x 120mm fans, there is not enough space for a 2×120 radiator because of the metal lip in the 5.25" drive bay section.

The bottom inside of the case has holes for a 120mm fan in between the power supply and the 3.5" drive cage. Additionally, raised sections are integrated in the power supply section to raise the power supply off the surface. This allows better airflow from the power supply fan.

The 3.5" drive cage supports a total of four hard drives. The cages are removable using the thumb buttons and quickly snap back into place. The drive cages support both 3.5" and 2.5" drives, but are not tool-less for 2.5" drive mounting.

Just above the 3.5" drive cage are two additional 3.5" drive bays. The lower bay contains a removable cage for additional hard drive mounting, while the upper bay can be used for externally accessible 3.5" devices. Neither bay is tool-less.

The case offers support for up to four 5.25" devices in the drive bays above the 3.5" device bays. The 5.25" device bays are entire tool-less with the latch on the outside off each bay used for inserting or removing devices from the bay. The device snaps in place in the bay. To remove, simply press on the blue portion of the latch and pull the device free.

The back of the case motherboard tray is powder coated in a flat black color to match the rest of the case's coloration. There is sufficient room between the back of the tray and the right case panel for cable routing as long as you are careful with cable placement.

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