Hydro Series Shared Components

Hardware-wise, Corsair includes all mounting pieces necessary to get the cooler up and running on any current AMD or Intel based system. The plastic pieces snap together on the upper hold-down plates to secure the thumbscrew in place. The thumbscrews with the larger threaded section are used for mounting to an LGA1155, LGA1366, and AMD-based sockets, while the thumbscrews with the smaller threaded section are used for LGA2011-based mounting. Also included are fan screws and washers for affixing the fans to the cooler radiator. The screws included for the fans are 6 x 32 x 1 1/4" screws – #6 machine thread, 32 TPI (threads per inch), 1.25 inches in length. Notice that all hardware is colored black or black chromed to match the Hydro Series™ cooler coloring.

Intel LGA1155/1156 hole configuration

Intel LGA2011/LGA1366/AMD hole configuration

The plastic thumbscrew inserts can be mounted to the CPU hold-down plate with the top hole towards the outside of the arm or to the inside of the arm. For use with Intel LGA2011, Intel LGA1366, and AMD-based sockets, the insert holes must be mounted in the outside configuration. For Intel LGA1155 or Intel LGA1156-based sockets, the insert holes must be mounted towards the inside of the arm.

The metal nuts are slid into the underside of the plastic under-board plates to act as screw in points for the thumbscrews. The Intel LGA2011-based socket is the only exception since that socket has its own integrated under-board plate. For the AMD under-board plate, the nuts can only be mounted in a static configuration. The Intel-based plates support three configurations which are marked on the underside of the plate: LGA1366, LGA1156 (works for LGA1155 also), and LGA775. Be careful to mount the nut into the correct configuration holes or else you'll run into problems when mounting the cooler.

Intel LGA1155 mount assembly – top view

Intel LGA1155 mount assembly – side view

To assemble the mounting system, the top plate L-shaped brackets fit into slots along the outer edges of the CPU unit's cover. The round ring then snaps unto the bottom of the assembly to hold the top-plate securely in place as shown in the unit pictures.

Both coolers come standard with Corsair labeled 140mm x 140mm x 25mm fans, rated at 12V and 0.4 amps. The fans are equipped with 4-pin fan connectors and all have 9 large fins to promote higher airflow with minimal air noise. The only difference between the H110 and H90 units is that the H90 unit includes only a single fan.

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