Results: HD Tach HD and USB 3.0


HD Tach Hard Drive

HD Tach is getting a bit old and is no longer updated, but it is still a fairly consistent benchmark for this type of testing.  A non-system 1TB drive was used for this testing.

Here we see the opposite of the SiSoft tests in terms of SATA 6G performance.  The Asus part is just slightly faster overall than the Gigabyte unit.  The differences are minimal, but consistent.



This test was done using the Sharkoon USB 3.0 HD dock and the aforementioned non-system WD Caviar Black 1TB drive.

Again we see some interesting results.  The Gigabyte board was much slower in burst reads, but was faster overall in average throughput.  This is using the built-in USB 3.0 controller on the A85X and not the ASMedia/Etron unit.

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