Power Consumption and Sound Testing

To test power consumption we are using a Watts Up! Pro and all the numbers are for total system power draw, not for the GPUs alone.  That means the specific wattages aren't as important as the deltas between them. 

The GK110-based GTX TITAN with 6GB of GDDR5 memory uses about 57 watts more power  than the single GK104-based GTX 680, pretty close to the expected results.  The TITAN does use less power than both the GTX 690 and the Radeon HD 7970, though the AMD card and TITAN are pretty much a tie. 

Under the SLI testing we see that adding in second GTX TITAN added 183 watts to our power numbers – an indication that we might have to change our game used for power testing (BF3).  For comparison, the GTX 680s in SLI used 175 watts more power with a second card.

Sound testing was done with a Extech sound level meter in an open case environment.

NVIDIA's claim of focus on the acoustic experiences with the GeForce GTX TITAN were not an exaggeration!  The TITAN is the quietest card in our test, by a sizeable margin, beating out the GTX 690 and running away from the GTX 680 and HD 7970!  As even more proof, a pair of GTX TITANs in SLI will run quieter than a single GTX 680…

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