Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Disaster-proof storage (need I say more, really?)
  • Performance, connectivity, and software identical to the DiskStation 213


  • Price (but cheaper and more capable than the two products individually)


Pricing is a bit of a sliding scale. The 'buy' page on the ioSafe web site offers a dynamically adjusting price based on drive selection, etc. Prices range from $600 for the diskless model (add your own drives), all the way up to $2000 for 8TB of capacity and further to $2600 with 8TB capacity using enterprise-class drives. Realize that the cost of the factory-equipped drives *includes* the cost of 1-year data recovery insurance offered through ioSafe. Plans extending as far as 5 years are available for an additional cost.

Final Thoughts:

I see the ioSafe N2 as the perfect marriage of disaster-proof storage and an excellent NAS device. It is certainly refreshing to see two smaller companies join forces to produce an extremely capable and robust product. The price may be a bit high, but is quite fair when you consider the serious storage functionality this capable box offers. An interesting realization is that if you had an N2 backing up to an externally connected drive, in the event of a fire or a flood you would lose the backup *instead* of your NAS data! I'll be giving serious budget consideration towards adding an N2 to my own home network in the very near future.

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