Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Seasonic continues to make incremental improvements to their new Platinum 400/460/520 Fanless power supplies, which result in 80Plus Platinum efficiency, extremely tight voltage regulation, and clean DC outputs.  Add to that a 7-year warranty and a good assortment of all modular cables and you have one more very good power supply. Fanless power supplies occupy a niche market and won’t appeal to everyone but if you need/want a truly fanless unit, one of the Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless PSUs will be hard to beat!

The Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless 460W power supply is currently selling for $134.99 USD (, February 2013).

• Fanless operation (0dBA)
• Excellent efficiency across a broad range of loads (80Plus Platinum certified)
• Excellent voltage regulation
• Low AC ripple even at 100% load
• Single +12V output can deliver up to 38A/456W
• Two PCI-E connectors (6/8-pin) and one 4+4 pin/8-pin ATX/EPS 12V
• 7-Year warranty
• Active PFC with universal AC input
• All modular, flat ribbon-style cables with gold-plated connectors
• Excellent build quality

Potential Weaknesses:
• Fanless operation still requires good case air flow
• 80Plus Platinum Efficiency + Fanless = Relatively Expensive

Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless 460W Power Supply

I would like to thank our friends at Seasonic for sending us the P-460 Fanless PSU to review – thank you!

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