Light Virtualization is essentially a sandbox tool for those who do not have the equipment available to set up a full virtual machine server.  It allows you to create a virtualization buffer or partition on your system drive which will not save any changes made to the system unless specified, perfect for testing software or patches as well as for ensuring almost any malware infections will not survive a reboot.  Shadow Defender is light virtualization software which has been around for a while but has not been updated for about two years, until very recently when a major update arrived.  This update encompasses many of the recent changes to hardware such as TRIM support for SSDs and even support for Win8.  While it won't stop an infection from hitting your PC, as long as you do not save any of the changes made to the virtualized portion of your drive any rootkit or other such malware will not survive a reboot.  Take a look at how to use the software and how effective it is over at Tweaktown.

"Shadow Defender (or SD for short as it is known among its dedicated fans) has been enjoying a great reputation among Light Virtualization fans during the last few years. There has been a barren period of two and a half years where development was interrupted, leaving v1.1.0.325 (which was released back in February 2010) as the last known good version."

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