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AMD Radeon HD 7990 6GB Review - Malta Gets Frame Rated - Graphics Cards 28

AMD Radeon HD 7990 6GB Review - Malta Gets Frame Rated - Graphics Cards 29


With the driver version differences on the HD 7990 and the HD 7970s in CrossFire, we see some slightly different results, but both suffer from the same problem – runt frames that drastically lower the observed frame rate.  The HD 7990 sees the runts in collections while the HD 7970 CrossFire result is very consistent. 

And here is why – the frame times of the orange line representing the HD 7970s in CrossFire shows drastic frame time deviations and while the HD 7990 (black line) is slightly better it still has many instances of runt frames.  Both the GTX 690 and the GTX Titan perform much better with tight bands of frame times.

The orange line of the HD 7970s stays low the entire time though the HD 7990 actually has an average frame rate higher than the GTX Titan but it quickly falls below it en route to meeting up with the HD 7970s. 

Frame time variance on the GTX 690 and GTX Titan is very low but on the new HD 7990 it exceeds the 10 ms mark at the 70th percentile, meaning that 30% of our frames in our benchmark run had consecutive frame time variances of MORE than 10 ms. 


At 2560×1440, the results between the HD 7990 and the HD 7970s in CrossFire are much more similar with quite a bit of frame time variance throughout.  Meanwhile, both NVIDIA options are resulting in a much better experience.

Take a look at the frame time bands on the GTX Titan and the GTX 690 – they very narrow indicating a smooth frame rate throughout the benchmark and game play.  The black and orange lines (which is mostly hidden by the black!) indicate wildly fluctuation frame times from near 0 ms to 60 ms and higher!

With the runt frames out of the picture, the HD 7990 is running slower than the GTX Titan by 5 FPS (19%) on average and nearly 15 FPS on average (61%) compared to the GTX 690. 

The Radeon HD 7990 actually passes the 15 ms frame mark at the 40th percentile, meaning that we are seeing an entire Vsync cycle's worth of variance in 60% of the frames rendered!


Though not as bad as the HD 7970s in CrossFire result (with the older driver), the HD 7990 still exhibits dropped frames in Eyefinity, resulting in much lower average frame rates in the observed metric. 

Only the GTX Titan from NVIDIA has a "smooth" experience in frame times as even the GTX 690 has some issues with Crysis 3 at this resolution and quality settings.  But with the AMD configurations dropping frames consistently, they aren't really producing quality experiences at all.

Interestingly you can see the Titan and GTX 690 are close in terms of average frame rates but the drop at 90th percentile results tells us the experience might suffer.  The HD 7990 and HD 7970s in CrossFire stay consistently lower.

We see similar results for the Eyefinity solution on Crysis 3 as we did with Battlefield 3.  Dropped frames don't affect our graph.


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