Specifications and Packaging


The Enermax Giant Ostrog GT gaming case is designed to serve as a fortress for your PC Gaming hardware.  Several different models are available: the base models ECA3280A-xx includes two LED intake fans behind the front panel while the ECA3280B-xx models come with only one (non-LED) intake fan.

Enermax Ostrog GT Mid-Tower Gaming Case Specifications (Courtesy of Enermax):

Packaging and Includes

The Ostrog GT case arrived securely packed inside a standard retail box illustrating the enclosure’s main features and specifications.  The case comes wrapped in plastic and protected by two large white Styrofoam inserts on the top and bottom.

Located inside the case in one of the HDD drive bays is a small box that contains some wire ties, a mobo speaker, two 4-pin Molex to 3-pin fan headers, Velcro cable ties, a package of plastic drive rails, and a bag of mounting hardware. A brief User’s Guide is also included.

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