Crysis 3 – $999 Level

Crysis 3 (DirectX 11)


Master the power of the Nanosuit. Armor, Speed, Strength and the ability to cloak are the ingredients of the most effective tactical combat armor ever created. Suit up! It's all yours in Crysis 3.

Frame Rating: High End GPUs Benchmarked at 4K Resolutions - Graphics Cards 41

Frame Rating: High End GPUs Benchmarked at 4K Resolutions - Graphics Cards 42

Crysis 3 was run at 3840×2160 with FXAA enabled and High texture settings, High presets


The results from BF3 seem to be mostly repeated here with Crysis 3 in our $999 card level.  The Radeon HD 7990 with the prototype driver is able keep up with the GTX 690 at 4K resolutions and leaves the GTX Titan is 10 FPS average or more lower.  For today though, both NVIDIA options are well ahead of the experience you get with the HD 7990 and the 13.5 beta driver.

Frame times are much better with the prototype driver than with the current driver, but there are still some instances of frame runts that stand out.  The GTX 690 is a much more consistent experience and it shows in our real-world testing options here.  The Titan continues to be the most consistent, though is slower than the GTX 690 and HD 7990 with the new driver.

The GTX 690 and the HD 7990 with the prototype driver are running neck and neck, nearly 10 FPS faster than the GTX Titan. 

The prototype driver definitely improves frame variance and potential for game play stutter but the NVIDIA GTX 690 and Titan cards offer much better performances in this regard.


In our pure Titan testing you will see that we seem to have hit a CPU limit of some kind – the scaling between the 2-Way and 3-Way SLI configurations is pretty minimal. 

We definitely did not have Vsync or anything else turned on, but the performance of Crysis 3 would kind of indicate that we have hit some kind of wall.  The blue line that represents the set of three GTX Titan cards seems stuck at the 16 ms mark, give or take some spikes up or down. 

How did the scaling work?  The single card average frame rate was about 30 FPS, two Titans in SLI jump to 51 FPS (70%) and three Titans goes to 63 FPS (23%).  Not only that but the frame rate definitely trends downwards after the 85th percentile, ending in a 99th percentile performance actually under that of two card SLI.

Frame variance rates are pretty low on the 2-Way SLI but they do get more apparent as we jump to 3-Way SLI.


Looking for native 4K captures of our Crysis 3 gameplay?  Have fun!

Download the MP4 (631MB)

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