ECS unveiled their plans for the next generation of Intel 8-series chipsets and 4th Generation Intel® Core processor family.  These motherboards will be released in Q2 2013 and are categorized into four lines:

  • Unnamed series – optimized for gaming and high performance processing
  • Pro series – optimized for power computing
  • Deluxe series – optimized for small office and home
  • Essentials series – optimized for home and multi-media

ECS motherboard lines
Courtesy of ECS

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All 8-series chipset motherboards will feature the Durathon durability technology, a redesigned power distribution system to better enable the utmost life, stability, and performance from the new ECS motherboards. Durathon encompasses the following enhancements: triple density PCB, extreme temperature resistance, 1.5k point torture testing, and all solid capacitors.

Additionally, all 8-series chipset motherboards will include the following features: Hyper Alloy Choke technology, Sound Blaster Cinema Technology, 4-way video output (DVI, HDMI, Display Port and D-Sub VGA), EZ quick charger, Motherboard Intelligent Bios III, 4K video output, ECS EZ Bios, and ECS ADS (Anti-Dust Shield).

At this time, the following Z87 chipset boards have been announced by ECS:

  • Pro series – Z87H3-A2
  • Deluxe series – Z87H3-A3

For more information on the ECS 8-series chipset mother line, please see their preview page here.

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