The Lenovo Y500 won’t win any portability awards—it’s both imposing in its weight and subpar in terms of battery life (thanks to the lack of Optimus functionality). But in exchange, you get a seriously competitive gaming PC that leverages the power of SLI to provide a combination of value and performance that is literally unparalleled to date in the notebook gaming market.

This sucker tears apart nearly every graphics performance test we threw at it, besting models equipped with GTX 670MX cards and decisively conquering anything with a single GT 650M (of which the Y500 we reviewed has two). It can easily handle most any modern game on High settings, and many even on Ultra. And best of all, it’s got one heck of a nice screen, sporting 1080p with good color reproduction, decent brightness, and a respectable level of contrast. The only drawback is the glossy finish.

There are some other problems, such as the awful touchpad, the penchant for fingerprint retention, and that uncomfortable plastic ridge at the bottom of the palm rest. But taken alongside the fantastic keyboard, sturdy build quality, and fast CPU (and considering the fact that many people won’t even be using the touchpad if they intend to play games primarily), many of these items are merely questions of priority and preference rather than deal-breaking oversights.

And, again, given the unmatched value, it’s easy to forgive the Y500’s problems and just deal with them. Honestly—I would; for gamers, this is one heck of a deal.  It's just $1,249 (or less) at various online retailers, and at that price point, it beats pretty much every other mobile gaming package out there. You can pick up your own Y500 at or today.

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