Bundled Applications

Included Applications

  • MSI Suite
  • Super Charger
  • Winki 3
  • Click BIOS II
  • Control Center
  • Fast Boot
  • Live Update 5
  • Video Genie
  • Killer Network Manager
  • Easy Viewer
  • Sound Blaster Cinema
  • Lucid VIRTU MVP
  • Intel Turbo Boost Monitor
  • SafeSync
  • Chrome Browser

The MSI Suite is a bundling mechanism for all the included MSI utilities, providing a centralized repository from which you can access and run the applets.  The applications can also be run by themselves.  The Super Charger applet allows the user to fast-charge USB devices from the board's USB ports.  Click BIOS II and the Control Center applets are used for Windows-based board monitoring and overclocking.  The Sound Blaster Cinema and Killer Network Manager applets are for controlling aspects of their targeted components (the audio and the networking subsystems respectively).  The Video Genie can visually enhance pictures and the Easy Viewer can be used to view media files. Live Update 5 give the user a Windows-based interface for BIOS backup and update.


The Click BIOS II applet provides the user with an exact replica of the Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt's BIOS screens from within windows with all settings available from the following screens: Settings, OC, ECO, and SECURITY. The Settings screen is further sub-divided into the Advanced tab, the M-Flash tab, and the Boot tab. Note that you can access the Control Center applet from an icon in the upper right corner of the Click BIOS II title bar.

Motherboard settings (SETTINGS) page

Overclock settings (OC) page

Energy saving settings (ECO) page

Password settings (SECURITY) page

Control Center

The Control Center applet provides similar utility to the user as the Click BIOS II applet in a more user friendly interface. The applet is divided into several tabs as follows: Overclocking, OC Genie, Green Power, LED, Record, and Mobile Control. The Overclocking tab houses options for manually configuring board bus speeds and voltages. The OC Genie tab gives the user Windows-based control over the OC Genie overclocking BIOS by simply clicking the OC Genie button on the page. The Record tab gives the user options for monitoring and recording history on various BIOS monitored voltages, fan speeds, and temperatures. Note that you can access the Click BIOS II applet from an icon in the upper right corner of the Control Center title bar.

Overclocking tab

Overclocking tab, Advanced Settings

OC Genie tab

Green Power tab

LED tab

Record tab

Mobile Control tab

Killer Network Manager

The Killer Network Manager applet provides the user with settings and monitoring tools for configuring the onboard Killer NIC adapter for optimal use. The Overview and PC Monitor screens show network statistics for the network adapter, while the Appications and Network pages give the user control over adapter operation and application based traffic prioritization. The Advanced tab houses application-specific settings.

PC Monitor page

Applications page

Network page

Advanced page

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