Synthetic Benchmark Testing

SiSoft Sandra 2012

The Z77A-GD65 Gaming motherboard performs strongly against the other Intel Z77-based systems, illustrated optimal functioning of its CPU and memory subsystems.


LinX is a graphical interface for CPU-based testing using the Intel Linpack benchmarks. It serves as a good indicator of proper system CPU functioning and is considered one of the most intensive CPU benchmarks currently available. LinX was run with Memory set to All and for a total of 3 runs. This test was repeated three times with the highest repeatable GFlops (Giga-Floating Point Operations Per Second) score recorded.

The Z77A-GD65 Gaming board again performs well in comparison to the other boards in this CPU intensive benchmark. Proper performance in this test is crucial to prove proper functioning of the CPU to board interface.


7-Zip is an open-source file compression and decompression software. File compression and decompression are very system and memory intensive, acting as a good indicator for system performance. The 7-Zip benchmark test was run with a 32MB dictionary size, 4 CPU threads active, and for 10 passes per test. The included benchmark test was repeated three times with the highest repeatable MIPS (Millions of Instructions Per Second) scores recorded.

The Z77A-GD65 Gaming board continues to perform well against the other Z77-based boards. In this test, good performance is a key metric to ascertaining system health because of the memory intensive nature of the tests performed.

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