Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Excellent performance from a 20nm SSD.
  • Excellent cost/GB (see below)


  • Availability may be an issue at this price.

Pricing and Availability:

Introductory MSRP's for the Vertex 450:

  • 128GB – $130 ($1.02/GB)
  • 256GB – $235 ($0.92/GB)
  • 512GB – $500 ($0.98/GB)

All I can say here is that I sincerely hope retailers adhere to the MSRP. Given the Vertex 450's performance and cost/GB, I don't see them staying on the shelves for very long.


The OCZ Vertex 450 line ships with a 3-Year warranty.


Given the Vertec 450 is a direct descendant of the Vector, which had very solid firmware, I don't anticipate any issues.

Final Thoughts:

Back when OCZ launched the Vertex 3.20, I felt like they were just checking the 20nm box with an underperforming, low-cost SSD. Within a month, however, they flipped that around entirely by launching another 20nm SSD driven by their powerhouse Indilinx controller. The performance leads the pack, and now so does the price. So long as they can stay stocked at these prices, the Vertex 450 may very well become my default recommendation for an SSD.

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